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This page is dedicated to the installation and setup of DXLab software as I use it.

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Dave, AA6YQ, explaining DXLAB at the 2013 Dayton Hamvention

I have to wonder why in this day and age anyone would shy away from some form of an electronic logbook. Even if you are not a DXer, award chaser or contester the electronic logbook is easy and efficient even for the casual user.

It seems ironic to me that so many can put a radio system together, even design and build, put up an antenna system yet shun the computer interface.

If you are a HRD, DX4WIN or TRX Manager user you really should try this software. I have used both and paid for both but the fact is DXLabs out shines them in almost every instance and is free and well supported on Yahoo by Dave.

If you want more accolades got to http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/3139 for others who have used this software. There is no reason to buy logging software when there is software this good!!


A YouTube video of DXLab in operation.

This is my desktop with DXLabs running. The two panes are actually 2 separate monitors. I run DX Atlas on the right monitor and it shows me were the spots are located, the gray line, CQ zones etc. It can be configured in many ways to suite your taste. The left pane has DXLab Spot Collector (top left), DXView (bottom left), Commander (bottom right) and Band Spread (top right). Not shown but minimized are DXKeeper, Pathfinder and DXLab Launcher.

DXLab has 8 very integrated programs and best of all they are free. They were developed by DAVID H BERNSTEIN, AA6YQ, and are supported on the Yahoo forum. I have a separate page for each program and start with the DXLab Launcher to start the installation. I would configure the programs in the order on this page, DX Atlas and CW Skimmer are optional.

DXLab Launcher    This is the program that starts the others. Install this first!!!

DXLab Commander This program controls the radios.

DXLab DXView This program gives info about call sign, antenna direction and confirmation progress.

DXLab SpotCollector This program connects to as many as four spot sources.

DXLab DXKeeper This is the log book and much more.

DXLab Pathfinder This is the look-up program for QRZ, Buck, Daily DX and more.

DXLab PropView This is the propagation aid.

DXLab WinWarbler This is the digital program.

DX Atlas This is not included but integrates cleanly with DXLab DXView.

CW Skimmer This is not a free program but is really useful with CW decoding in a pileup, coming soon

QSL printing This is additional information using DXLab software, coming soon.

MMTTY    RTTY interface used with WinWarbler.

Multipsk An alternative to WinWarbler that interface nicely to DXLab software, coming soon.

WSJT-X is the latest digital software and decodes all the new modes.

JTAlert is a almost necessary compliment to WSJT-X

 I also recommend going to the the DXLab GettingStarted page or the DX Suite intro page. This page has HTML and PDF reference links and manuals. The Help button on each page is very useful and very good. Most of the buttons have hover help. If you put your cursor over the button a description of what it will do pops up. Don't forget the DXLab Yahoo forum.