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I created this page to vent my frustrations and keep the rest of my WEB site non-political!!

I am a conservative, that does not mean I am a Republican nor do I dislike Democrats, what I dislike are politicians.


Capital hill is like an alien planet, no intelligent life!


The biggest threat to our economy and way of life is Washington. Out of control, out of touch and out of their heads!!!


The Night Before Inauguration

It is a new idea, the government being run as a business

The trough feeders will be looking for other meal tickets, it is called work.


A Question for the Attorney General and the Courts

Shouldn't a 16-year-old who identifies as a 21-year-old be allowed to consume alcohol?

Shouldn't a 40-year-old who identifies as a 70-year-old receive Social Security benefits and the senior citizen discounts at the movie theater?

I mean if we are going to identify people simply because of their "feelings" ---- doesn't anything go?


My Take on Muslims and Islam

I have known and worked with Muslims and always found them to be peace loving  and generally easy going. The problem I have is that the majority of terrorists in the world are Muslims and kill innocent women and children, they also kill Christians, all this in the name of Allah (God). They think we are infidels and we think they are but the Christians have not declared war on them.

When there is tragedy in the world I do not see Islamic countries running to the aid of others. These countries have a lot of oil money but not for humanitarian aid.

Europe is letting close to 1 million refugees in and along side of them will be hundreds of terrorists. Some of those that are not terrorists will be radicalized and become a terrorist. The problem with the refugees will be in stages:

They will be grateful at first
They will be impatient because there will be no jobs.
They will get mad because the laws of the land do not fit with their culture
Finally they will protest and even worse.

In a few years Europe is going to see terrorism like they have never seen it before.

Fleeing your country instead of fighting for it seems much easier, the solution is a stable Syria with a government for the people. The ISIL state need to be destroyed along with their ability to make any money. Our forensic accountants need to track the money and take out the contributors. When these big money Arabs see others dying they will start looking over their shoulders wonder if they are next. This may sound like assassination but this is war!!

If we let any of the refugees into this country you can bet there will be terrorists sneaking in with the families.

Fact check about Muslims in Europe

REMEMBER: If you are not of the Islamic faith you are an infidel, study a little bit and you will find out what should be done with infidels.


Trumps administration

I think the next action flick will be called Trump the HYPENATOR, I'll be back!

First of all I am a conservative and the Republican was my only choice, Hillary was not an option even though she knows more about how Washington works than Trump ever will. Trumps cabinet is nothing more than a billionaires club without a clue about Washington and the constitution. He seems to be rather proud of himself with his continual bragging and he must love to dance because that seems to be what they are doing the most. Whether it was his security advisor Flynn, now gone, education secretary Ms. DeVos or White House counselor Ms. Conway, as soon as they open their mouths the administration starts dancing, it seems the same holds true for President Trump. I have never, in my lifetime, seen so much unsupported info come out of a presidents mouth, I believe one of our famous Desert Storm generals called it bovine scattering!! Thank God for the constitution, it will keep the reins on him, somewhat, just as it did for Obama.

I heard Trump say the other day that the world is a mess and unsafe but after he was done it would be safe, and this from a man who can't even fix health care!!! I wish that man could control his ego.

Trump and the Republican party intend on gutting any and all regulations that impede business in any way. They plan on crippling the EPA, FDA, by severe budget cuts, to prevent them from imposing restrictions on food safety, pollution, in other words we suffer.

The old joke from a movie What do you call 400 lawyers on the bottom of the ocean, a good start. This could easily fit a politician.



You don't have to pledge allegiance to the United States but you do have to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior if you plan on getting in!!

I believe in legal immigration but once again the liberal left, especially our judges, have no problem with anyone entering. I don't believe in a wall just better laws an enforcement. If you are here illegally then you are out of here. Yes, our forefathers were immigrants but they came legally, well at least the majority did.


1.25 Trillion Dollars

That is the amount of money we owe China, a country who steals our technology, hacks our networks and sends really inferior products to our country. We have a debt that realistically cannot be paid off, a debt our children, their children and so on will see. The only ones who really do not want it to stop are the trough feeders. My definition of a trough feeder is one who lives off the government dole, this includes politicians and anyone who would rather live off the government than work. Included in this group are the medical industry who bilks Medicare and Medicaid out of billions every year.

The only way this country can be saved from financial ruin is to clean out congress of all the debris and elect fiscally sound lawmakers. We are like sheep they will lead us right over the cliff and we will never know what hit us.


Alternative Education??

Here in Ohio there has been a lot of news concerning the benefits of learning at home using your computers instead of attending traditional classrooms, BS!! These companies have pumped thousands of dollars into the republican coffers in order to get their bills passed. Testimony after testimony proclaim their benefits, but no one seem to bring out obvious questions concerning this form of education. Online education has its place for those who really cannot make it or cope with school life but for the majority of our children this is a game changer. To begin with our children are more and more detached by real social interaction through texting, instagram, twitter and the list goes on. The next effort is to isolate them even further by online learning. Our children will never learn about real conflict resolution in a real social environment. The effort is to insulate them but what will happen when they enter college life and even more critical the WORK FORCE, they will be eaten alive by their peers, this is a formula for future disaster. I have no problem with this form of learning when weather prohibits going to school, sickness and some disabilities but not as a norm.

The second problem with alternative education are magnet schools. They are poorly monitored and many times we find huge waste of taxpayers money. They take away from the funding for our public schools and many times leave our children with inferior educations. Once again we can thank our congressman for their poor performance as lawmakers and human beings.

I have one more problem with learning disabilities, and that is classroom immersion. More and more we try to immerse special needs children into normal educational life with some really bad results. These children have special emotional needs and when they are in a traditional classroom can become extremely agitated and hard to handle. Compounding the problem are the students who can be less than caring and teachers who are not trained to handle special needs children. There is a time and place for everything but the education of these children should be left to the professional equipped for this need.

The bottom line is the federal government should keep their nose out of our business, they do a lousy job at everything they touch except for their own perks.



Our fore fathers created a constitution to assure our religious freedom, to prevent the government from forcing it on us but I doubt they ever thought we would make every effort to take religion out of our lives. This country was founded on religious principles but liberals and civil liberty groups are attempting, and I might say successfully, to do away with all semblance of religion. We have taken prayer out of schools, the ten commandments are not allowed to be displayed in public buildings, Crèche scenes are not allowed and now they are challenging prayer in government meetings. We will end up as a Godless country unless we take a stand. Many of our politicians claim to be Christians, politically good for them, but their actions and votes are contrary to the Bible. We have so called Christian churches who try to be politically correct so they can attract or keep extreme liberal members by challenging the traditional meaning of the Bible. Just remember it is the vocal minority that gets their agenda heard and enacted, the squeaky wheel gets the most grease. In the end all of us will face the ultimate judgment. I am a Christian, always have been, and believe in the Bible and Heaven. If I'm wrong I will never know but if you are an atheist etc and you are wrong, God help you! Eternity is a very long time!


What is an honest politician?

An oxymoron!!

It is interesting to note that different animal groups have names such as a herd of cows or a flock of chickens but did you know a group of Baboons are called a CONGRESS!!!

How fitting!


Watch out, the FCC is trying to take away free television. See the following article

Roasting the Pig to Burn Down the House


The Right to Bear Arms

Remember that our fore fathers created the second amendment to allow us to protect ourselves from the government not necessarily criminals, it seems like that might be one in the same.

Although I believe in the right to carry weapons I do not agree with the automatic weapons designed for war as a right.


This Countries Industry

The industry of this country built their companies and reputations on the backs of hard working Americans. The way industry has repaid their hard work is by sending their jobs overseas and laying them off.

Our auto industry and many of their subsidiaries sent jobs south of the boarder after our brain dead congress created NAFTA.

Our retail industry and fashion industry profit at the expense of third world countries cheap labor. As we seen in the papers these countries allow such sub standard work conditions that they are killing them by the hundreds. One of the worst offender is an American icon, you know who that is!!

The electronic industry is almost all overseas, we have given away or had most of our technology sold or stolen, mostly by China.


The Real Terrorism in America!!

I guess you have all seen what the oil companies are doing to us now!! Just as soon as they can they jack the price of gasoline up .35 to .40 cents a gallon just because they can. There current supplies had not even began to be exhausted when they started gouging us. I understand the hurricane will have an impact but not that fast. Just watch how long it will take for gas to go down, these guys are worse than criminals and worse yet the politicians will rattle their sabers and in the end do nothing about it. Why? Maybe we should check their bank accounts and see who funds them.

Terrorism in America is not what the government tells you, it is the struggle the average person faces everyday, fear of losing their homes, their jobs, paying taxes or going to jail or have your property taken away. Terror is not having enough food or gas to get to work, now that is terrorism to the average person.

The real cause for terror in this country are the oil companies and utilities that bleed us dry and our government who just keep on spending the money we do not have.


My take on Gays and Lesbians

Whether you are a Christian or non believer one thing is for sure, nature/ God made a male and female to propagate the species. If you think your lifestyle is normal then you and nature/God are not on the same page.

I support Chick-Fil-A not necessarily for what they said but it is their right to do business as they feel their conscience guides them. It is amazing the groups that scream free speech until someone disagrees with them. If you don't like it then simply don't do business with them instead of trying to grab headlines from the liberal media.

I support the Boy Scouts decision on gays as long as the majority of parents want it that way. If you don't like it then don't join. If you want to give your badges and honors back then just give them back instead of grabbing liberal media headlines.

Some politicians just don't know how to keep their mouth's shut then again what else are they good for?


My take on our congressman

If you read my other opinions you know that I have a very low opinion of politicians.

Our congressman can embarrass the US more than any other group. The first thing the state department should do when a person is elected to congress is take away their passport, keep them in this country, maybe even in a pig pen somewhere.

The quickest way for a politician to make an ass out of his or her self is put them in front of a camera and allow them to open their mouth.

I watch very little TV and when I do I spend most of my time on mute. We had a saying in the Army when a bunch were sitting around telling stories, First Liar Never Has A Chance". The problem with our candidates is that they cannot tell the difference.


Think about this!!

The FDA is in bed with the food and drug industry

The USDA is in bed with the beef industry

Bureau of land management is in bed with the oil industry

The EPA has no teeth to do anything without being sued

The attorney general sues any state that want teeth in immigration

The politicians are in bed with anyone who will give them money (what does that make them?)

They are all politically motivated and change with each administration. The only thing they protect are the politicians and their pocketbooks.

One more thing!!

We can thank our Ohio governor for ripping the heart out of Ohio's education system and putting most school districts in financial ruins. You can be sure their pork barrel projects are still in tact.


The US Budget Explained In Simple English

I love it when complex things are simplified so we can understand it.

·        United States Tax Revenues:                $2,170,000,000,000

·        Federal Budget:                                         $3,820,000,000,000

·        New Debt:                                                   $1,650,000,000,000

·        National Debt:                                        $14,271,000,000,000

·        Recent Budget Cut:                                       $38,000,000,000

Now, remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget.

·        Annual Family Income:                                       $21,700

·        Money the Family Spent:                                   $38,200

·        New Debt on Credit Card:                                  $16,500

·        Outstanding Balance on Credit Card:          $142,710

Total Budget cut some Politicians are Proud of     $385.00


!!!!!!!!Descriptive Nouns, you have to click on and read this!!!!!!!!



I read the other day that our city is behind the curve because it is not bilingual!! Now to me bilingual means you speak one or more languages but these idiots only mean Spanish. When Germans, French, Italians, Japanese, Koreans, Arabs and yes Chinese come to this country they learn to speak our language but not the Mexicans. We have to create a whole cultural environment for them. If we don't get rid of Obama next election he will probably require Spanish and Farsi in our schools. We also have corporations holding us hostage by threatening to move, I say let them. They have ceased to be good corporate citizens they have nothing to brag about when it comes to their foreign record.


Jobs for America

I saw on the news that billions of dollars in bridge contracts in New York and California were awarded to the Chinese!! Somebody better investigate these so called Americans who awarded the contracts, I'll bet there are some fat Swiss bank accounts! China already owns most of this country.



All you see on TV are doctor pitchmen for pharmaceutical companies. They use their degrees to convince you of the merits of the drugs for the company they work for. They are nothing more then a mouth organs proclaiming the gospel according to the pharmaceutical company. I think it is a shame and should not be allowed!!

I am still trying to figure out why you need two bathtubs when the moment is right!!

There is this idiot commercial that I see all the time and this person, who needs eye surgery, proclaims "his vision is important to his way of life." OH really, now that is a real revelation!!


My Favorite TV Show

They don't exist anymore. My favorite show at the beginning of the week has turned into a freak show!! My favorite show on Thursday has so much sex I forgot what it was all about.

TV has become like the Iraq war, Shock and Awe

I would like to say I have found a new favorite TV show, it is funny without being oversexed and crude, It is Last Man Standing. It is much like the great shows of the past such as Home Improvement, Cheers and the classic MASH.



There is not one thing good that comes out of China!! They poison our children's toys, our animals food, wallboard that sickens us and thanks to congress they own this country!! But guess what, they make flawless fake ID's for teenagers and terrorists!! One way to solve the ID problem is to require everyone to have a photo ID and magnetic identifying strip. Every time a person uses it in a place or purchases something that requires an ID the card is swiped through a reader and verified against a state database which in turn is update nationally. If you're caught with a fake ID it is considered a felony and you go to jail. I just do not understand why so many liberals argue against picture ID's when voting, you would think they were trying to hide something!!

Those civil liberty pukes would have a ball with this!!!


We send complete idiots to Washington!!! They shut down part of the FAA over a 16 million dollar squabble and as a result they lost 30 million a day from lost ticket tax. Then they are so proud of themselves for solving our budget woes they recess. While they were on recess the government lost over 300 million in tax revenue!! How stupid can these individuals be!!!

I would recommend everyone watch the movie "Inside Job". It will anger you and make you realize that Wall Street runs our government. You will realize that almost all of Obama's appointee's are from the companies that were the architects of the crisis, Bush and Clinton they were all part of the problem. We will have no control of our run-away government unless we can find a way to rid ourselves of this disease, a parasite on humanity, the politician.

Is the expression "Honest Politician" and oxymoron?

Congress Reform Act, I received this via an email!

How does this country get back on track? First of all Fair Tax is a good start and put the US Gestapo agency the IRS out of business!! With the IRS you are guilty until proven innocent and that is if you have the money to fight them!! You inact the Congress reform act, require a balanced budget by a constitutional amendment and follow some of the money saving ideas in this file. If you have any ideas let me know and I will include them.


The United States does not have a good track record for conflict resolution!


I read in the paper the other day that California is requiring gay history to be taught in schools!

I read that in OHIO the GLBT are behind the curve, This one will keep me up nights! By-the-way  it means gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender, I think we need more initials!

I also read that Obama is supporting repeal of the family protection act! Well it happened, the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional!

Do you see a trend here? Thank YOU Mr. President!!!


Everyone in this country should have to prove who they are when voting, buying weapons, getting any kind of a license. Employers should be required to verify the validity of their employee's citizenship or face very stiff fines. You have to wonder why the civil  liberties groups and others fight such requirements!!!

Let's hear it for the Alabama immigration law!! If your in this country illegally you have broke the law, you have no legal rights!!


If you watch the Republicans you will see them making every effort to gut the EPA, FDA and other agencies that require big business to behave like good citizens.


I read today a local company Convergys is creating 5000 jobs in the Philippines and I went to Home Depot the other day and they were advertising for new employee's that must be bilingual!! This is real support for our economy!!! I noticed lately that the sign has been removed.


Parents are held responsible for their children's actions but you can end up in jail if you physically discipline them. With the courts you are guilty until proven innocent. I sure got my butt whipped more than once, my parents would probably be in prison. Once again it is the liberal judges making up new laws!!


ATTENTION OHIOANS!! (you are gonna love this)

OHIO School funding! Stop the politicians from gutting our schools

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