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bulletAM-1    Antenna impedance meter
bulletCI-1040    Timing light
bulletGC-1000-H    Most accurate clock
bulletGD-1    Grid Dip meter
bulletGD-1530    RS-232 to BSR X-10 Interface
bulletET-4200/ETW-4299   Laser Lab
bulletETI-7510    Digital Test Set
bulletGD-1701    Flood alarm
bulletHA-201A    Heathkit 2 meter power amplifier
bulletHC-1032    Octoport project
bulletHD-1250     Heathkit last and best grid dip meter.
bulletHD-1410    Electronic keyer
bulletHD-1416A    Code practice oscillator, the A is the newer brown color.
bulletHD-1418    Heathkit Active audio filter.
bulletHD-1422    Antenna Noise bridge
bulletHD-1424    Active antenna. Good for SWL but not much more.
bulletHD-1426    Field Strength Meter
bulletHD-1481    Second generation switch.  Power supplied by coax.
bulletHD-1515    Phone patch
bulletHD-1780    IntelliRotor
bulletHD-1986    Microlizer
bulletHD-3006    Crossfire display.
bulletHD-3030    Terminal interface
bulletHD-4040    Terminal controller
bulletHDA-4040-1    Status indicator for the HD-4040
bulletHD-8999    UltraPro CW keyboard, fun to use.
bulletHDP-121    Microphone
bulletHDP-242    Cardiod microphone
bulletHFT-9    QRP antenna tuner, works well with HW-7,8 & 9.
bulletHK-21    Pocket Packet
bulletHK-232A    Packit interface controller
bulletHL-2200    2KW Linear Amplifier project.
bulletHM-2140A    Dual HF power meter. Same as the HM-2140 only brown.
bulletHM-9    QRP watt meter. Works with the HW-7,8 & 9.
bulletHN-31    Cantenna dummy load
bulletHO-5404    station monitor with with HOA-5404-1 pan adapter
bulletHV-2000   Voice module
bulletHW-2    FM 2 meter transceiver
bulletHW-5400   Transceiver 80-10 meters, 100 watts
bullet HWA-5400-1    Power supply and clock for the HW-5400.
bulletHW-8    Heathkits second generation QRP transceiver.
bulletHW-9    Heathkits third generation & best QRP transceiver.
bulletHWA-7-1    Power supply for the HW-7 & 8.
bulletID-4001    Heathkit weather station.
bulletID-4850    50 MHz digital storage scope.
bulletID-5001    Heathkits premier weather station.
bulletIG-1275    Lin/Log sweep generator
bulletIG-4244    Precision oscilloscope calibrator project.
bulletIG-5240    Color generator
bulletIG-5257    TV Post-Marker/Sweep generator
bulletIM-2215    Portable Digital Multimeter
bulletIM-2410    250 MHz frequency counter
bulletIM-2420    500 MHz frequency counter
bulletIM-30    Transistor tester
bulletIM-5225    FET Multimeter
bulletIM-5238    Heathkit audio voltmeter
bulletIN-3117    Resistance decade box
bulletIN-3127    Capacitance decade box
bulletIO-20    Ignition Analyzer
bullet IO-4360A    60 MHz triple trace Oscilloscope
bullet IOA-4200   Time Voltage module
bulletIP-2718    Tri-Power Supply
bulletIR-5204    Strip chart recorder
bulletIT-2232    Component tracer
bulletIT-2240    Digital LC bridge
bulletIT-3120    Heathkit FET/Transistor tester
bulletIT-3121 / IT-1121 These 2 models are identical except for color.
bulletPS-9000     Matching power supply for the SS-9000.
bulletPSA-9    Power supply for the HW-9.
bulletSA-2060A    Antenna tuner
bulletSA-2500    Automatic antenna tuner
bulletSA-5010A    uMatic Keyer
bulletSB-104   Introduction in December 1974.
bulletSB-104A    5 Band SSB/CW Solid state transceiver
bulletSB-230    1 KW HF linear amplifier
bulletSB-604/HP-1144A   Speaker & power supply
bulletSB-614    Station monitor scope
bulletSB-634    Station console
bulletSB-644    Remote VFO Introduction in December 1974.
bulletSB-644a Remote VFO
bulletSK-203    Printer buffer
bulletSP-99    Speaker for HW-9 or HW-99
bulletSS-9000     The crown jewel of Heathkit radios.
bulletTT-1A    Mutual conductance tube tester.