TV Commercials

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This is my page to vent about commercials

I wear out my remote mostly because the mute button fails. Some of the commercials are funny or interesting the first or second time but after 30 or more times it really wears on me. Many of the commercials are just plain idiocy!! If the rest of America is anything like me then there is a lot of wasted money on commercials.

Have you noticed on your local evening news, in Cincinnati, that their are more commercials then news, they have made it just about content free and if the weather man gets any for face time I think I will die of boredom!!

We call the evening news ask your doctor hour. The majority of commercials are from pharmaceutical companies trying to convince you they have the miracle drug except for some minor side effects such as blindness, death, failure of organs and heart attack they are just what you need!!!

Have you noticed how the doctors spend time with their patients and even walk them to the doors and in some cases greet them in the waiting room where they never wait. Obviously my doctor has not seen any of these commercials!!

Can someone tell me what sex and 2 bathtubs have in common? When the moment is right you jump into 2 bathtubs??

I saw a very famous auto manufacture who has had some reputation problems advertising a tire blowout sale!! Now who in their right mind would advertise a tire BLOWOUT sale??