FCC Kills Free TV

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“Roasting the Pig to Burn Down the House”


America you better wake up or one day soon you will find there is not free over the air TV. The chairman of the FCC chairman Julius Genachowski who was appointed by President Barack Obama is on a mission to get rid of free TV so they can sell the UHF spectrums to the highest bidders.  Mr. Genachowski recently appointed a scholar in resident, Stewart Benjamin, a law professor at Duke University. He wrote the article which is the subject of this web page. Please see the two web links below on the FCC story and on his article.



If his article disappears from the web email me and I will send it to you.


The crux of the article is simply burden the broadcaster’s with so many regulations and fees it becomes impossible for them to operate profitably and they simply die out, end of story!! This is much like what the Obama administration is doing with Medicare, preprogrammed euthanasia.

Call or write your congressman and raise hell. It is amazing what they will do to keep their jobs.

Here is an idea; if they take away over the air TV then everyone in America is eligible for free basic cable service!!

By-the-way did anyone mention that only broadcasters are required by law to broadcast emergency services, this would also be lost to the citizens of the US.

GOD help us all, don’t you love how the government is here to help us!!