Heathkit Specifications

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This book contains schematics and specifications of the following very early Heathkit's.  The PDF file is at the end of the list.

bullet A-7B & 7C            Audio Amplifier
bullet A-9a                     Audio Amplifier
bullet AC-1                    Antenna Coupler
bullet AF-1                    Audio Frequency meter
bullet AG-8                   Audio Generator
bullet AM-1                   Antenna Impedance Meter
bullet AO-1                   Audio Oscillator
bullet AR-2                   Communication Receiver
bullet AT-2                   Amateur Transmitter
bullet AV-2                   AC Voltmeter
bullet AW-1                  Audio Voltmeter
bullet BE-4                   Battery Eliminator
bullet BG-1                   Bar Generator
bullet BR-2                   Broadcast Band Receiver
bullet BT-1                   Battery Tester
bullet C-3                     Condenser Checker
bullet DR-1                   Resistance Decade
bullet DC-1                   Capacitance Decade
bullet GD-1B                Grid Dip Meter
bullet IB-2                     Impendence Bridge
bullet IM-1                     Intermodulation Analyzer
bullet IT-1                      Isolation Transformer
bullet M-1                      Handitester
bullet MM-1                   Multimeter
bullet O-9                      Oscilloscope
bullet QM-1                   Q-Meter
bullet RP-1                    Record Player
bullet S-2                       Electronic Switch
bullet SG-8                    Signal Generator
bullet SQ-1                    Square Wave Generator
bullet TC-2                    Tube Checker
bullet T-3                       Visual-Aural Signal Tracer
bullet V-6                       VTVM
bullet VC-2                    Voltage Clibratot
bullet VT-1                    Vibrator Tester
bullet W-2                      "Williamson Type" Amplifier
bullet WA-P1                  Preamplifier
bullet 338-b                    Peak to Peak Voltage Probe
bullet 342                       Low Capacitance probe

Specification Book PDF format 4.45 megs contributed by a friend from the Netherlands.