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This page will be maintained with the current FCC Exam question pool for Technician, General and Extra class. I also have links to the ARRL page for the latest information as well as links to practice exams.

You will notice that as you progress your way through the different levels of licensing that the test progresses from rules, regulations, very basic electronics and operating procedures to more difficult antenna and mathematical questions, Extra being the top dog!! There are 2 ways to master exams but in the beginning, the technician, there is really only one, memorization. As the exams progress through general and extra, memorization of rules, regulations and operating procedures still hold but the rest can best be done by understanding the math and antenna theory. This is especially true of Extra class which is heavy with Antennas theory and mathematical calculations. BUT, yes there is a but, if you have a good memory then you can memorize all questions in the test pool. The following are the number of questions in each pool, the number on a test and the minimum correct answers for passing.

Technician    392 questions    35 exam questions 26 correct to pass

General    484 questions 35 exam questions 26 correct to pass

Extra    738 questions 50 exam questions 35 correct to pass

As you can see the difficulty of memorization only increases with license level. I have the question pools below in PDF format plus a link to ARRL's exam section. I have also included links to some practice exam sites. When you can consistently score at least 80% or better than I would say you are ready for the test.

I am a V.E. and I regularly give these exams so I am speaking from experience.

ARRL exam section

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