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This page is dedicated what is happening in my world on DX, also my Rantings!

To start with let me state one thing

DX Code of Conduct

A couple of annoyances I find with almost all DXPeditions, log uploading and not announcing their split. I know there is a lot of work in getting equipment up and running but until they do there are going to be hundreds of Dups to be on the safe side, this in itself causes even larger pile-ups, the sooner they get the logs up the better it is for everyone. The second annoyance is when they run a split and don't tell you where or they just say up, up where!! The really good operators always tell you where they are every few calls and they don't need 40 to 60 KHz of a band.

I also do not understand why a HAM would register on eQSL and LoTW and not use it, we have a hobby whose users pride themselves on technical ability, go figure!

The next problem are those who think they own a frequency. On 40M there is practically a net every 2KHz. Most of these nets are OM talking about nothing in particular but they call it a net.

The frequency cops really ruin it for everyone, then comes the completely brain dead tuner-ups. These tune up individuals are tuning on the listening frequency not their calling frequency, and they tune and tune. Next thing you know people are shouting at each other and the foul language starts, the red neck hams.

How many times do you hear split, split! How many DXPeditions run simplex, none if they are not brain dead!!! How can someone working DX not know this, but hundreds of them don't seem to know!! Fortunately or unfortunately for the ham world English is the language of choice by all DXPeditions. This must be a problem because many do not understand the English word split, this applies to a large number of English speaking American hams.

There must be a lot of hams out there with no ability who are jealous of those with ability. I imagine most of them are ex CBers who, thanks to the FCC dumbing down the test, were able to get a license with little or no brains at all. Also, there are those who are just evil and angry who just love to jam the frequency.

So far this year I have chased a number of DX entities I needed for an ATNO.

Iran was the first, I only ended up with a single contact on 17M. That part of the world is very difficult from here add to it the Europeans, namely the Italians, would not shut up when they were calling the NA. There was also a lot of jamming out of Europe. Another problem was that they only had 500 watts of power and a lot of island QRN. They uploaded quickly to LoTW which was a real plus.

Navassa was the next big DX, number 1 on most lists. I did get them on 80 thru 15 & 10. They had it all as far as equipment goes and were good about uploading to club log. Their band spreads were large and finding them was a crap shoot, but I did. The QRM was fierce and so was the language. There band management left a lot to be desired, imagine a 32 year span and not being able to get 12M SSB or waiting until 4 days left to operate 40M SSB or 3 days left for 80M SSB. It caused so much chaos and down right ugliness. I was lucky to be in the practically the same longitude