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Our tower Construction - This is a Universal 50' tower with two 30" base sections tapered to an 18" top section. The tower should be able to support 30 square feet of antenna. I am using a 15' aluminum 2" mast with a Cushcraft A505S 5 element 6 meter beam at the top. The Mosley is a Super 33 which covers 40, 20 and 17 meters. I also have a Hy-Gain AV-680, 80 thru 6 meters. The beams are turned by a Yaesu G-2800DXA rotator. Work began on August 20th 2008 and finished on November 22nd 2008.

Clearing the top soil on August 20th 2008..

I thought I would hand dig a 5'x5'x6' pit,HiHi!!

Time to rent a mini back hoe to dig in the rock.

The back hoe could only reac to about 4.5' I hand dug the rest.

Three days of digging and exhaustion is setting in.

It is done, 6 cubic yards of dirt has been removed.

Now came the critial alignment of the first tower section.

I attached the three 6' 30 pound steel legs to the tower. Almost 100 pounds haging from the tower

I plumbed the legs and drove a stake for each leg to set over to keep them from moving during the pour.

No way to get to the back yard so I rented a Georgia buggy to hall concrete 1/2 yard at a time.

It took 12 trips and about an hour to complete pouring 6 yards of concrete, that is appox. 4024 pound per cubic yard or about 12 tons.

Now for the curing.

Now for the tower assembly.

The tower was positioned so I could assemble a 50' tower a 40 and 6 meter antenna.

I started the assembly of the Mosley S-33 but found a bad coil and had to order it.

I started the fence assembly to protect it from kids and unwanted climbers.

I used marine grade pulleys, all SS bolts and hardware on the tower.

A recommended decoupling coil fro the Alpha Delta sloper.

All surge protectors including rotator are in a DX Engineering weather proof box.

The coil finally arrived from Mosley, 2 1/2 weeks, time to call in the ground crew.

It was a long hard day.

The 6 meter antenna was a piece of cake.

Now for the 100 pound Mosley. It has a 26' mast with three element , the logest about 48'.

It is finally in place and I am making the connections. It was in the 30s that day.

Now we start the lift. The tower and antennas weigh about 340 pounds.

We were only able to get the tower up to about 45 degrees. It was dark and cold and we were tired. So I rented the beast.

This was a self propelled 60' bucket lift. I literally pushed it up the rest of the way.

We are almost there!!

Finally we made it!

The only problem is this beast weighed 22500 pounds, boy do I have ruts to repair!!

Still trying to get the first one in the hole.

The crew- Gary Osborne, W8XS, Myself, KC8RP, Rick Burdick, K8WWA and Paul Flaugher, KB8ANY. What a crew.

The view from the front. Finished tower November 11th 2008.

Atop the bucket lift doing some final work.

My wife Donna without who's support and help this would have never happened!!! By-the-way she was scared s*&%^ less!!!

It was a long way down.

This is a 4"x18"x3/8" copper ground plate outside my shack window.

The only thing left to do is put a locking gate on the fence.

The sloper runs down the north east side of the toer to a post 14' above the ground.


Cushcraft MA5B with a Yaesu G-450A rotor has been removed from the chimney, the bands were destroying the brick, it was  about 30'. I dug the new pit and installed the 40' of Universal aluminum tower and a 5' aluminum mast.  I have a Yaesu G-800DXA rotator to replace the G450A, it can be radio or computer controlled.

Old Chimney Installation

New tower installation for MA5B
New tower started on November 11th 2013 and finished July 12th 2014. Winter storm hit just 2 days after I poured the base.

The weather was cold and a storm was coming.

The 3' x 3' by 4' hole is dug, next I will put the forms in.

Formed up and ready for the lower tower section.

The 18" base and legs are braced and set in place.

Spent a lot of time leveling checking and rechecking, concrete is final.

I drove in 3 pieces of 2' foot rebar to center the legs at the bootom of the pit. This will keep them centered when the concrete is poured.

Waiting for the concrete truck, the storm is due tomorrow.

All poured, now to cover it up and wait for the storm to pass.

I removed all the forms and now I will let it cure for a week or more due to the cold weather.

First 3 sections installelled.

The final section has been added and the antenna attached.

At first we thought I would lift the antenna and Rick would reposition the latter under it.

After taping the cable to the tower I soldered on a end connector.

I used one of my articulating ladders to extend the tower higher.

With all that mind power it was my wife who suggested 2 ladders, one to push it up and one to hold it, Genius!!

My neighbor Barry came over and gave us a hand, great neighbors!

Putting in the final bolts.

The gang with my neighbors wife Becky. My wife, Donna, is taking the pictures.

Backyard view of the antenna.

Side yard view.

Final view from the front of the house.

I plan on adding another 10' in 2017, already have a second bottom section, that will make it 50'. I just acquired a Mosley Classic 33 that I need to check out. If all is okay with the antenna I will order the WARC kit for it, take down the MA5B and sell it.

Hy-Gain AV-680, 80 thru 6M on a fold over mount with the base 10' above the ground. The sloper was taken down, the new vertical is mainly for 80 and 30M but a backup never hurts.

I was looking at a new Optibeam OB15-7 which is trap less and covers 40, 30, 20,17,15,12 & 10 m or a Mosley Pro 67C3. Both antennas are very close in base price but shipping of the Optibeam from Germany is pricey. Too bad the US distributor is not able to stock the beams, I guess they don't have the capital for that type of investment.

In order to raise the tower another 20' I need a variance on local zoning, not a done deal! I would like the tower at about a 1/2 wavelength of the lowest frequency, 40M, which is about 20 meters or 65 feet. I plan to raise the tower to 70', I already have an additional 10' section but will wait to buy the second section if and when I get approval. I will be able to use my current rotator with a Mosley Pro 67C3. The tower will be able to hold 22 square feet at 70' which gives me plenty of room for the Mosley at 12.1 square feet and a 6 element 6M antenna but it is marginal with the Optibeam.