Antique Computers

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This page contains links to the different antique computers, hardware, manuals that I have or have come across in my 40 plus years in the computer industry.

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bulletALTAIR Brochures
bulletBERT 18 megs, This was an original robot article in April 1987 BYTE.
bulletByte Magazines
bulletCircuit Cellar    This is a collection of Steve Ciarcia magazines. All have been downloaded from different sites.
bullet Circuit Cellar IC tester    9.4 megs
bulletComputer gallery
bulletComputer manuals
bulletComputer software
bulletCromemco 1977 computer brochure
bulletE&L MMD2, DD1 & OA2
bullet Floppy disk drives photo gallery
bulletFloppy disk drive manuals
bulletHard disk drives
bulletHeathkit/Zenith computers & hardware gallery
bulletIBM DACA card
bulletKIM1 wall chart
bulletMicroMate Computer
bulletMisc. Hardware manuals
bulletMy Teletype
bulletProcessor Technology information
bulletRockwell AIM computer
bulletSWTPC brochures
bulletTandy Radio Shack computers
bulletThe Computer Hobbyist 30 megs, contains all issues
bulletVideo monitors

 Additional HTML links

IEEE-696 / S100 Bus Documentation and Manuals Archive

Great S100 Site

Dave's Old Computer Site (Software images etc.)

Z-100 Lifeline

Unofficial CP/M WEB site

Herb Johnson's for sale site

The SIMH Altair 8800 Emulator

The SIMH Main site

The Official IMSAI Web Site

Great source for floppy model and the density. They also repair.