Pestinger Family

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Peter Pestinger, wife Juliane (Rada) and family in front of farm house 1897

Peter Pestinger and family in the house.

3 pictures of Peter's house today near Victor Kansas.

Peters Pestinger birth record 8 September 1844. He was born Petrus Laurenz son of Johannes and Caroline (Matern) Pestinger

Peter Pestinger's citizenship application on 25 September 1874 in Hillsboro Illinois, Montgomery county.

Peter and Juliane (Rada) Pestinger taken at Erving Illinoise

Juiliane (Rada) Pestinger's obituary, 20 September 1910

Mass card for Julianne (Rada) Pestinger's funeral in German.

Fred, John and Frank Pestinger, the three youngest of Peter Pestinger's sons.

Fred, John and Frank Pestinger

Fred Pestinger on his birthday.

Fred and Frank Pestinger, identical twins on their birthday

Fred and Frank Pestinger

Richard O'Leary, Fred and Frank Pestinger

Sadie Glick, Richard O'Leary's wife.

Fred Pestinger's confirmation


Fred Pestinger Army picture

Fred Pestinger Army picture

Myrtle A. (O'Leary) Pestinger as a young women.

Myrtle (O'Leary) and Fred Pestinger, my gradparents.

Fred and Myrtle (O'Leary) Pestinger, my grandparents.

Philip and Richard Pestinger, my dad, sons of Fred and Myrtle (O'Leary) Pestinger.

Here are the wives. My mother, Dolores, is bottom center. My grandmother, Myrtle, is top third from left.

My grandfather Fred is on the left. I'm in front of my dad, Richard, second from left. My great grandfather Richard O'Leary is third from the right.

Richard Pestinger, before I was born, in his Marine corp uniform.

Richard and Dolores (Dunn) Pestinger, my parents, when they were first married.

Richard, that's me, and Marylin, my sister, in Anthony Kansas around 1949 or 50.

Richard (Me) & Marylin in Anthony Kansas around 1949 or 50.

Richard L. Pestinger, that would be me, on the John Smithheisler farm. I probably spelled Johns last name wrong.

Me, Richard, In my dad's arms, Richard. Then my grandmother Myrtle (O'Leary) Pestinger and her father Richard O'Leary, my great grandfather.

Rudolph (Rudy) and Thelma (Rice) Pestinger, son of August, Peter's oldest son.

Oscar Joseph Pestingers obituary, 21 May 1942

Myrtle Alma (O'Leary) Pestinger's obituary, 8 Novenber 1985.

Myrtle A. Pestinger's Mass card.

Robert Joseph Pestinger's obituary, son of Peter Pestinger, 21 January 1945.

Fredrick (Fred) Pestinger's obituary, son of Peter Pestinger, 7 May 1956.

Dora Margaret (Lee) Pestinger was John Joseph Pestinger's wife. She die in 1999 at about 106. She was the last of the original Peter Pestinger family.

Front left Phyllis Ann, next to her Billy, Philip all the way to the right. My dad Richard J. Pestinger the tallest in the back.

Philip, my dad on right, Billie in the middle, a friend on the left.

Billie and his dog Boots

My dad

Dad and his Marine friend

Grandpa and me

Back row- Dad, Phil, Frank, ? , Fred(grandpa)

Phylis-Ann, Billie in the middle, Dolores(my mom) right.

Dolores Pestinger, Frank Pestinger's daughter, sophmore class