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bulletFamily Tree
bulletPeter's(Petrus) Pestinger's trip to America
bulletWestphalia Ships manifest Peter (Petrus) Pestinger's arrival into New York and departure from Hamburg Germany
bulletCousin Filli in Jeromer Czechoslovakia She is writing to Dora and John Pestinger in 1947. The first page is the translation followed by the four original pages of the letter.
bulletWiese family history Peter Pestinger's oldest daughter Bertha married John Wiese. I have lost track of who sent me this information but thanks for this priceless addition.
bulletHenning family history 11.3 meg PDF. Peters youngest twin son Frank married Mona Fay Chambers, her mother was Julia Henning. I found this history on a micro fiche in the Mormon genealogy files. I have entered all individuals into the family tree and I also have a Microsoft Word file of this 77 page history. The pictures were of poor quality and if anyone has them I would appreciate a copy of them for our web site.
bulletPerrot Perrault family history provided by Duane Philip Perrault. This is an interesting and very complete history that makes for interesting reading. Page 50 provides information on how Michael Dunn's 2 wives Laura Perrault and Matilda Mary LaLonde are cousins, see also the following letter from Duane.
bulletLetter from Duane explaining the relationship between Michael Dunn's 1st and 2nd wives
bulletDunn genealogy by Mary Jane Dunn Johnson 1994
bulletDunn death certificates  Mary G. Dunn, Kathryn M. (Dunn) Mulvihill, Henry Dunn, Frank Dunn, Anna Louise (Dunn) Hall, James J. Dunn, Rhoda Ellen (Malone) Dunn, Michael Edward Dunn, Matilda Mary (LaLonde) Dunn
bulletDunn Naturalization papers James William Dunn
bulletHolke German heritage this link is in Germany but much of it is in English
bullet Philip Lee Pestinger's story (my dad's brother)