Dunn Family

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William Arthur Dunn

Mary Geneva Hatcher Dunn

Mary Geneva Hatcher Dunn, older picture

Kitty, Irene, Rhoda and Mary Geneva Hatcher

Mary Geneva Hatcher and family 1924

Michael Dunn's family

Grandfather Dunn and brothers

Baby Matilda Mary Lalonde in carriage next to sibling in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, 1890

Matlida (Lalonde) and Michael Dunn

Michael and Matilda Dunn's marriage certificate.

Michael Dunn, my grandfather, is on the extreme left.

David, Eunice & Linis Dunn

Dunn house in Moosejaw.

On back of picture is written, 'Ominica St. near town, Dad standing, Jim at his feet, Eunice & Eddy on rails'

LaLonde family the early years. Matilda is in the back center.

LaLonde family the later years. Matilda is in the back center.

LaLonde Mass cards

Dunns 1907, Rhoda, Katie and Katherine Dunn Wilson

Ellen Dunn ca. 1885

Frank Dunn

Frank Dunn

Frank Dunn with the Hughes

Frank and Kitty Dunn

Henry Dunn

James Dunn

Jim, steve, ? and Frank Dunn

Kathryn Dunn

Kathryn Dunn's wedding 1906

Kathryn and Wesley Dunn

Michael Dunn, my grandfather, 1903

Michael Dunn with family

Michael Dunn and sons at bedside.

Michael Dunn retires from the railroad.

Michael Dunn's obituary.

Sarah Hughes, sister of Mary Geneva Hatcher, and boys.

Stephen Dunn

Stephen and Rohda Dunn

Edward G. Lyons and EuniceMary Dunn on their wedding day

Eunice (Dunn) Lyons obituary.

Edward Gilmore Lyons mass card.

Frank L. Dunn's mass card

Eunice (Dunn) Lyins ocituary, 2nd one.

Frank L. Dunn's auto accident newspaper articles.

Dunn family reunion 10 September 1983. My mother Dolores Pestinger is bottom center.

George And Janet Dunns Wedding

Cousin Carmel Duval, Verna Dunn, and Office Colleagues on Victoria Island, British Columbia, late 1940s

Dolores Dunn Pestinger & Verna Dunn Bell

Dolores Dunn Pestinger, Verna's Son Ronald Kulpeksa, Dick Pestinger & Walter Bell

Douglas 'Dougy' Bell, Mary & Harold Kane, Walter Bell

Dunn Family & Friends, can't identify all in picture, please help

Dunn Family Home in Moose Jaw, Verna Dunn Bell, Carolyn Kane & Dougy Bell

Dunn family relatives, please help identify

Frank Dunn's Family

Frank Louis Dunn

Front row from left James Dunn, Frank Dunn Jr., Frank Dunn. Back row Walter Bell, Dougy Bell & Verna Dunn Bell, April 1977 per back of photo

Front rowdscShirly, Joan, Ilene Back rowdsc Micky, Verna, Gerald

Front rowdscShirly, Joan, Ilene Back rowdscGerald, Matilda, Verna, Michael, Micky

George Dunn, Ilene Dunn Geauvreau, Skip Geauvreau, not sure who others are in picture

George, Frank, Jimmy Gerald & Micky

Ilene & Shirly Dunn

James & Edith Dunn

James Dunn, Matilda Dunn, Verna Dunn, Stella Dunn 1941 Los Angeles

Michael & Matilda Dunn, Gerald Dunn, Francis & Sharon Dunn

Michael Dunn, Vivian Dunn, Verna Dunn, Children Francis and Sharon

Mr. McBennet's Class, please help label

Mr. McBennet's Class, please help label

Nostalgic comment on back of photo; 'That's left of us at home.' All other siblings have grown up and left home.

Photo taken in front of Dunn Home on the prarie in Moose Jaw

Richard Pestinger, Dolores Dunn Pestinger, Janet Dunn, George Dunn, Matilda 'Tily' Dunn

Teacher Mary Kane's Class at St. Agnes School, please help label

Verna & Matilda 'Tily' Dunn

Verna Dunn & Carmel Duval with Friends

Verna Dunn & Mildred Dunn

Verna Dunn Bell & Dolores Dunn Pestinger

Verna Dunn Bell & Edith Dunn

Verna Dunn Bell & Janine Bell

Verna Dunn, early 1950s

Verna Dunn, friend, Ilene Dunn at Miami Beach

Verna Dunn, Stella Dunn (Jimmy's first wife), Matilda Dunn

Verna Dunn

Verna, Laura & Shirly

Vivian Dunn Stout, 80 years old per back of photo

Walter & Verna Bell, James Dunn

Walter Bell & Verna Dunn Bell

Walter Bell, Verna Bell, James Dunn

Walter Bell, Verna Dunn Bell, James Dunn