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Most Accurate Clock

GC-1000 was introduced at Christmas 1983.

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This remains one of the most sought after Heathkit items on eBay. With the RS-232 port it consistently sell for over $300.

bulletGC-1000 W/RS-232C software        ZIP format
bulletGC-1000 Assembly/Operation manual    14.4 megs (part number 595-4016-02)
bulletGC-1000 Illustration booklet    4.06 megs (part number 595-4016-02)
bulletGC-1000-H schematic    1.15 megs (part number 595-4016-03)
bulletGCA-1000-1    RS-232C Illustration booklet    196 KB (part number 597-3132-05)
bulletGCA-1000-1 RS-232C manual    2.21 megs (part number 597-3132-05)
bulletAssembly Instructions for the Heath WWV Antenna GCA-1000-51 and -52    438 KB