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I have been informed by Don Peterson of Data Professionals that they have purchased intellectual rights to all Heathkit manuals. I have been told to remove the manuals for download. I have received confirmation of his legal rights and I have removed  the manual hyperlinks for download. Please see his email below.

This is a sad day for us all!!!

Checkout this site some manuals are there, he has no control over postings!!!


Gary H. Harmon Jr./ K5JWK has a large number of manuals he will loan. He can be reached at gharmon@idworld.net. See the manual file for a list. These are actual manuals NOT PDF files!!

bulletOn October 30, 2008, Data Professionals of Pleasanton, CA purchased the intellectual property of the Heathkit legacy products from Heathkit in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  This rights to these legacy products also includes the copyright.  It is our intent to service the secondary Heathkit market by providing manual copies, spare parts, and repair service.
bullet To this end, I am asking that you please refrain from advertising, selling, copying, and distributing any of these legacy Heathkit manuals.
bullet Please contact me at the address below, if you are interested in discussing a royalty agreement to continue the advertising, selling, copying, and distribution of any legacy Heathkit manuals, I may be open to such an agreement. 
bullet Thanks and Regards
bullet Don Peterson
bulletData Professionals
bullet1989A Santa Rita Road
bulletSuite 277
bulletPleasanton, CA  94566
bullet 925-829-6216
bullet Don@D8aPro.com
bulletData Professionals web site

Heathkit copyright and license purchase document

There is a possibility that all manuals prior to 1964 may be public domain if Heathkit did not renew the copyright on them. There is no way to search online but a physical check of the copyright at the Library of congress is necessary. I have included the web site with information here.


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