Wanted, For Sale or Trade

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I am retired IT manager and a EE and my hobby is anything to do with electronics.
My basement is full of electronics and books that I sell or trade, one can never have too much stuff!!
I am always looking for the items like those listed below.

bulletData I/O Unisite parts and software
bulletTRS-80 Model 16 software and parts, any M16 software.
bulletHero 2000 robot, I have always wanted one but could never afford it.
bulletASR 33 teletype paper tape and paper etc.
bulletDiablo / Xerox 630 ribbons and print wheels especially metal ones.
bulletDiablo / Xerox 630 dual bin sheet feeder.
bulletIf in doubt just email me and ask if I want or need it. 

My wife would probably challenge the notion that I need any of this!!

If you have these items and want to sell them or just give them to me please email me with price and description of condition, pictures are preferable, I will let you know if I want it and can afford it.

Sale or Trade

bulletByte magazines
bullet Heathkit manuals
bullet REMark magazines
bulletOld radios for sale


Richard, KC8RP