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This page is dedicated ICOM radio 7600

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I have journeyed through a number of radios over the years, starting with Heathkit SB-104A, then Yaesu FT-1000D, Mark V Fiels and FT-2000 followed by Elecraft K3s and now ICOM 7600. I have used HL-2200 Heathkit linear, Yaesu FL-7000, Quadra linear, ICOM PW1 and recently the Expert 1.3K-FA. My absolute preference is for solid state radios and amps, instant on and ready to go is what I look for.

Click here for my linear page.

ICOM 7600 This radio is self contained if you choose not to use a computer. If you connect a keyboard to the USB port on the front you will be able to do FSK & PSK. I use a wireless keyboard with a glide pad for both keyboard and mouse interface. This only for experimenting, I use the computer and DXLab for all my serious DXing.

I built an interface using W3YY's optically isolated interface. I added some items of my own, see FSK interface.