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1922 USSR formed by Soviet states
1939 - 1945 World War II
1945 Atomic bomb detonated (Hiroshima)
1950 Korean War begins
1964 - 1973 Vietnam War
1895 Marconi invents wireless telegraphy
1899 Boer War begins
1903 Wright brothers 1st plane flight
1912 Titanic sinks on maiden voyage
1914 - 1918 World War I
1830 French Revolution
1837 Queen Victoria assumes throne
1854 Crimean War with Russia
1869 Opening of Suez Canal
1871 Franco - Prussian War
 William Arthur Dunn
 b.1835 Ireland
 d.1903 Bear Creek, WI
 Michael Edward Dunn
 b.1875 Lebanon, Wis.
 d.1954 Miami, Fla.
 Mary Geneva Hatcher
 b.1845 Cleveland, OH
 d.1926 Mpls., MN
 George Anthony Dunn
 b.1920 Moose Jaw Sask., Cana.
 d.2007 Fl. burried at Woodlawn P
 Joseph P. Lalonde
 Matilda Mary Lalonde
 b.1890 Tomahawk, Wisconsin
 d.1970 Miami, Florida
 Matilda Moreau
 Mark G. Duffy
 b. Private
 Janet L. Duffy
 b.1940 Des Moines, Iowa
 d.2009 Miami, FL
 W. June Morse
 b. Private